The Emo kid

24 Jul

I think this was from 2008, full emo.

Today I came across an article 26 Things Only Former Emo Kids Will Understand. While it’s fun to be moving in with Ali, going to uni and all that this is kind of where it started. The pictures may be embarrassing, actually no I don’t think they are. Believe it or not the pictures in this blog are how Ali met and fell in love with me. 

I was an emo kid for a long time and I’ve never really grown out of it. I only buy skinny jeans, I always have a pair of converses and perfected the selfie years before it was cool and I still love the music. Paramore, My Chemical Romance, You Me At Six, Guns ‘N’ Roses and so many more. I got my first iPod when I was 13 and never looked back. Netted skirts, begging my Mum to buy me Kerrang, lots of liquid eyeliner, ties, superhero T-shirts and fingerless gloves. It’s safe to say my Mum wasn’t happy to trade the pink and glitter for black and lace, oh well! 

My teenage years were hard but there were also times where I had fun. I had some friends Ali, Lucy, Zoe, Beth, Gabby, Shannon, Jay, Emma, Charlotte, Jo, Sam, Tom, Jack, Molly, James, Charlee. We all did the ‘emo’ or chav thing to some extent and it was where I fell in love with the music I play today although credit for that goes to Lucy Bingham for the mix CDs she made me where I first heard Paramore. 


Check out those fingerless gloves! 

It was around this time I started writing lyrics for the first time too. I wrote a song called Confessions of a Broken Heart about a friend of mine (I know how emo and cute). I wore different colours on my nails and the summers were spend going to Lucy’s or Zoe’s and well going back and forth with Ali I suppose. 

I don’t know why I wrote this, it was fun to remember some of the times I had when I was younger and to giggle at the pictures. Growing up in that ‘Emo’ phase made me who I am. Oh and if you’re wondering no the music didn’t ‘make me depressed’ like some idiots assume, actually it became an amazing strength later in my life. The music I started listening to at 13 will stay with me the rest of my life and I think a part of me will always be an emo kid. 

Keeping Calm in this generation

22 Jul

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ from Britain in the Second World War, although I think for my generation it’s taken on a new meaning. Although we’re not living through a world war (although at the age of 19 I’ve seen our troops head off to war and suicide bombers blow themselves up in the capital), there is still meaning to this. 

The world is still recovering from a recession and don’t we know it! Although a lot of us don’t remember the good cheap days we know it wasn’t always like this. We’ve had to deal with cuts to our education, housing, parents losing job, the tripling of tuition fees and a lack of jobs for us. It’s because of all this I can relate to the era of ‘Angry Young Men’, frustrated and secretly nervous about what we’re going to do. 

I know that next year I’ll have to vote someone into government and right now there is no one I trust. Young people need someone to stand up for them and after the last election and being let down you can almost hear the nervousness of young voters. We have our own questions, how are they going to tackle soaring house prices? Or youth unemployment?

We do have a lot of things to think about but we also have a lot to look forward to. I always say things have to get worse before they get better and that goes for the economy too.  So that is what we need to do keep calm and carry on like our ancestors have done before us, even if we’re wondering how the hell we’re going to do it. 

I miss uni – poem fun!

21 Jul


It’s been months since this picture was taken. MONTHS.

I’ve been staring in disbelief that I still have 2 more months of summer to go, as have all my friends on Facebook. As a little bit of fun I came up with this poem, enjoy! 

When term started, I thought I’d slave away 

Hours in the library then off to town to play. 

Of course there was work to do, from Marx to Foucault, 

I remember thinking ‘summer is a long way to go’. 


But then things became quite different, as we moved through the year 

My essays got longer but I still didn’t like beer. 

And s lectures started ending, it was still early spring

I started going out and everything! 


And when we came back for Easter it was nearly the end of the year, 

with just exams to go, in crept a bit of fear. 

I’ll have to go back to Mum and Dads!

No pizza at 3am or drinking games on the flat. 

But as we went on through, pushing our doubts away 

It wasn’t long until we had admit ‘I’m going home today’ 


And now we realise the summers still so long, 

for those of us not travelling watching Bargain Hunt’s not so wrong. 

We’ll sit and watch the calender, marking it off too,

move out of the way freshers!

Uni we’re coming for you!  

When I write

20 Jul



Sometimes when I don’t know what else to do, I write. The last few weeks have been incredibly up and down and today things just kind of came to a jolt. I didn’t really want to get up, I didn’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything and everything was just so overwhelming. I get angry about it, I feel sad about it and it usually ends in me feeling like I don’t like myself that much. So tonight I wrote a song and released everything. I don’t feel much like writing right now, so hopefully I’ll speak to you all soon. 

My teenage sister, Happy Birthday!

19 Jul



There are certain people in your life that it’s hard to put into words how much you love and care for them. My sister is one of these people. I remember the day I was told she was coming, I remember the day that she was born and every birthday and Christmas that I’ve loved spoiling her. This year was no different after 10 presents from me and god knows how many from everyone else, I can say she was thoroughly spoilt this year. 

Summer-Rose turned 13 today and that feels really weird, she’s still a baby in my eyes and I think she always will be. I absolutely love our age gap because even though she doesn’t think I’m cool, I can look after her and we just have this really special relationship, again it’s hard to explain. She’s beautiful, she’s hilarious and I wish I had been more like her when I was her age. My sister kicks arse and I couldn’t be more proud. Before I embarrass her any more than she thinks I am I wanted to wish my gorgeous sister and best friend a happy 13th birthday, I’m so excited about all there is to come for you and I love you so,so much even if you have awful music tastes! 


Here are some pictures to celebrate a special teenagers birthday <3 

Here’s where the fun begins. 








My Big Mouth: Cameron’s reshuffle: too little, too late?

17 Jul

David Cameron is today finishing his government reshuffle.

Picture Source: The Guardian 

Earlier this week British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a reshuffle, one which he hoped would show more diversity in the party. The main difference? An influx of women in top positions and as many papers pointed out ‘no sentimentality’ when it came to top officials such a Michael Gove. The question is, why has Cameron suddenly thrown this mix together?

While many celebrated as figures such as Gove were removed or demoted, they are also suspecting there is something deeper than a change of heart. After the backlash from the education sector following Goves actions in the last year, it really is no surprise that Cameron was quick to appear to be doing something in favour of the public. To win them over not only has he removed anyone who could damage the parties reputation (although this begs the question, is the damage already done?), he has also brought in female ministers to combat accusations that the cabinet is not diverse enough to tackle Britain’s needs.

Of course, finding women in the top roles in Britain is a positive step towards equality in politics, however, there is also a great deal of scepticism about the timing. Is it a little too coincidental that it is a year before election time? Or perhaps after the Tories suffered an embarrassing defeat in the last polls, losing to UKIP? It is easy to see this as a tactical move rather than a women being right for the job, as Cameron suggests (which I do not doubt they are), then why are the British public only seeing them now? 

Mumbles of positive discrimination dominate the country, it is also obvious that there is some worry within the party. With much of the general public sick of endless cuts, threats to the NHS and ethnic minorities feeling under-represented it is no wonder there has been a drastic change. Although if the reaction is anything to go by this many be too little, too late. 


What to do now?

16 Jul

I’ve realised just how much of the summer holidays I have left. Still over 2 months until I go back to classes. I don’t want my blog to get boring but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with the next few months. I have a lot to look forward to, I’m working next month, I have Reading festival, I want to read more, write more songs, spend some time with my family, move into the new flat. 

I can see now how many friends I really have, although a lot of them have gone home for the summer I’m excited for the next uni year. I am lucky enough to have some friends in my home town such as the wonderful Jen who I met up with today after her knee surgery. Despite having a painful operation she looked as beautiful as ever and I can’t wait for her to be living just around the corner from me! We’re already planning our nights out. I have a lot of things I want to do but right now I feel a little stuck about where to start. We’ll just have to wait and see. 


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