The Future

28 Jul

I’m a human to think about the future. For some that’s thinking about the world, about space cars and all that jazz that we dream about when we’re young. When you’re a teenager you think about the not to distant future because school is and always has been your life, unless you’re lucky enough to get out and do something else that is. Every time that your life evolves what you think about in the future generally changes. 

I’m at a point of uncertainty in my life and well I suppose that’s what your 20s are for. I have no fucking clue what I’m doing or what I’m really going to do. I’m not even in my 20s yet and I’m getting that whole confused thing already. There is so much to think about, uni, going on to jobs, the whole family thing and all of that. The future is a really strange thing at this age. 

My love for the Twittersphere

26 Jul

There was once a time when I had Twitter and deleted it, oh silly, silly me. This was years ago when Twitter was mostly for celebrities, businesses, people with something to say. I on the other hand was about 16, had no idea what I wanted to say and didn’t understand the character limit. 

Let’s fastforward to 2014, I have 250 followers, I’ve spoken to my favourite author and met her due to Twitter (Jodi Picoult KNEW who I was, still fangirling, obviously), I’ve build a lot of worldwide relationships, had hundreds of people read my work as well as having a load of support. Twitter has become to me something quite special. Thousands upon thousands of strangers can share your interests, wish you well and in fact build on your career. There are so many different online ways to connect with people and it doesn’t scare me, it makes me feel alive.

One day I hope I can work in Social Media if I can’t become a writer or a musician because I love being able to interact with people in this way. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had my own issues with SM, I’ve had people create fake accounts and pretend to be me. When I was younger I was a victim of cyber bullying in various forms, msn messenger and Bebo were what we used when I was in my early teens and I’m sure a lot of you remember!  

That said, I love being online and today Twitter was my best friend. I got to speak to so many interesting people and got some great feedback about the blog. Sometimes people are hesitant to comment on my actual blog posts but will tweet me instead. I’ve been told the blog is helpful and insightful which is all I ever wanted it to be. I also get in contact with great writers, today it was R.S Pateman (who I consider a good twitter friend now), a great man for advice, Julie Cohen who is lovely and always replies and Alwyn Ash who helped me gain my 250th follower. 

The internet is the future and hopefully a big part of mine. Yes it’s scary and vulnerable people need to be protected online but what you can gain from the internet? I wouldn’t shy away from it and I intend to full embrace the Twittersphere! 

So come follow me! @chloemetzger 

Write what you know

25 Jul

The old but solid tip of write what you know. When I was told this I scoffed, what the hell do I have to write fiction about. I realised today that I actually have quite a bit. I’ve lived through a fair bit of shit in the last 10 years as well as some great moments. So how about I take some of these moments as a starting point and create fiction about them? It’s going to take a bit of research, a lot of time and frustration but I think I’ve come up with the idea for my first novel. 


The Emo kid

24 Jul

I think this was from 2008, full emo.

Today I came across an article 26 Things Only Former Emo Kids Will Understand. While it’s fun to be moving in with Ali, going to uni and all that this is kind of where it started. The pictures may be embarrassing, actually no I don’t think they are. Believe it or not the pictures in this blog are how Ali met and fell in love with me. 

I was an emo kid for a long time and I’ve never really grown out of it. I only buy skinny jeans, I always have a pair of converses and perfected the selfie years before it was cool and I still love the music. Paramore, My Chemical Romance, You Me At Six, Guns ‘N’ Roses and so many more. I got my first iPod when I was 13 and never looked back. Netted skirts, begging my Mum to buy me Kerrang, lots of liquid eyeliner, ties, superhero T-shirts and fingerless gloves. It’s safe to say my Mum wasn’t happy to trade the pink and glitter for black and lace, oh well! 

My teenage years were hard but there were also times where I had fun. I had some friends Ali, Lucy, Zoe, Beth, Gabby, Shannon, Jay, Emma, Charlotte, Jo, Sam, Tom, Jack, Molly, James, Charlee. We all did the ‘emo’ or chav thing to some extent and it was where I fell in love with the music I play today although credit for that goes to Lucy Bingham for the mix CDs she made me where I first heard Paramore. 


Check out those fingerless gloves! 

It was around this time I started writing lyrics for the first time too. I wrote a song called Confessions of a Broken Heart about a friend of mine (I know how emo and cute). I wore different colours on my nails and the summers were spend going to Lucy’s or Zoe’s and well going back and forth with Ali I suppose. 

I don’t know why I wrote this, it was fun to remember some of the times I had when I was younger and to giggle at the pictures. Growing up in that ‘Emo’ phase made me who I am. Oh and if you’re wondering no the music didn’t ‘make me depressed’ like some idiots assume, actually it became an amazing strength later in my life. The music I started listening to at 13 will stay with me the rest of my life and I think a part of me will always be an emo kid. 

Keeping Calm in this generation

22 Jul

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ from Britain in the Second World War, although I think for my generation it’s taken on a new meaning. Although we’re not living through a world war (although at the age of 19 I’ve seen our troops head off to war and suicide bombers blow themselves up in the capital), there is still meaning to this. 

The world is still recovering from a recession and don’t we know it! Although a lot of us don’t remember the good cheap days we know it wasn’t always like this. We’ve had to deal with cuts to our education, housing, parents losing job, the tripling of tuition fees and a lack of jobs for us. It’s because of all this I can relate to the era of ‘Angry Young Men’, frustrated and secretly nervous about what we’re going to do. 

I know that next year I’ll have to vote someone into government and right now there is no one I trust. Young people need someone to stand up for them and after the last election and being let down you can almost hear the nervousness of young voters. We have our own questions, how are they going to tackle soaring house prices? Or youth unemployment?

We do have a lot of things to think about but we also have a lot to look forward to. I always say things have to get worse before they get better and that goes for the economy too.  So that is what we need to do keep calm and carry on like our ancestors have done before us, even if we’re wondering how the hell we’re going to do it. 

I miss uni – poem fun!

21 Jul


It’s been months since this picture was taken. MONTHS.

I’ve been staring in disbelief that I still have 2 more months of summer to go, as have all my friends on Facebook. As a little bit of fun I came up with this poem, enjoy! 

When term started, I thought I’d slave away 

Hours in the library then off to town to play. 

Of course there was work to do, from Marx to Foucault, 

I remember thinking ‘summer is a long way to go’. 


But then things became quite different, as we moved through the year 

My essays got longer but I still didn’t like beer. 

And s lectures started ending, it was still early spring

I started going out and everything! 


And when we came back for Easter it was nearly the end of the year, 

with just exams to go, in crept a bit of fear. 

I’ll have to go back to Mum and Dads!

No pizza at 3am or drinking games on the flat. 

But as we went on through, pushing our doubts away 

It wasn’t long until we had admit ‘I’m going home today’ 


And now we realise the summers still so long, 

for those of us not travelling watching Bargain Hunt’s not so wrong. 

We’ll sit and watch the calender, marking it off too,

move out of the way freshers!

Uni we’re coming for you!  

When I write

20 Jul



Sometimes when I don’t know what else to do, I write. The last few weeks have been incredibly up and down and today things just kind of came to a jolt. I didn’t really want to get up, I didn’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything and everything was just so overwhelming. I get angry about it, I feel sad about it and it usually ends in me feeling like I don’t like myself that much. So tonight I wrote a song and released everything. I don’t feel much like writing right now, so hopefully I’ll speak to you all soon. 


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